Still Life

For the work “Still Life”, the questions of “who is a product?” and “what is a product?” are being asked in the context of our current consumer driven modernity, characterized by hyper-consumption. This is created by juxtaposing the language of prosthetics with that of advertising in commercial product imagery.

Advertising is the art of persuasion and persuasion is the process of negotiating the acceptance of an advertising message as a form of truth. Audiences can accept or reject an advertiser‘s message as true based upon either their personal knowledge or emotions. When combining luxury goods with prosthetics there is opportunity to create an element of unease, questioning what is being advertised, what is a product, and, more directly, who is the product.

The prosthetics in question are of a non-functional nature in terms of practicality and are purely cosmetic. Their function is psychological, and is designed to provide for their users a feeling of completion and integration. Their ‘disclocation’ in these photographs exemplify our processed, post produced and image hungry culture, where reality is a fleeting, irrelevant term. There is no desire for an evident alteration of current perceptions, just the inclination to play with the ideas of persuasion and possible confusion and provide a sense of visual wit with meticulously crafted set design, lighting and art direction. A series of images or ‚campaigns‘ that both fit in with as well as challenge the move towards hyper consumption.

Pictures available as Duratrans print in Lightbox, 80cm / 100cm